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One-inch Hopper

  I was coming back from filling the water pond for our possible guests, and saw this little fellow (at one inch long, he is, indeed, VERY tiny).  He was nearly invisible because he was so tiny, and nearly completely blended … Continue reading

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Quicky Burrito

  There are always tortillas in the refrigerator, but I don’t always remember to use them to best advantage.  But yesterday – I did! I had a lot of leftovers to turn into a good lunch – white rice, kernel corn, spinach, and … Continue reading


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Tortellini Chinoise

  They are not to be confused with a real main dish, but the little filled pastas that have appeared in the grocery stores are appealing as a special treat to take the place of just plain pasta.  The little … Continue reading

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More Instant Pizza in The Cuisinart Oven Central

This Cuisinart Oven Central has become one of my favorite GO TO appliances.  It will do so many things so well, and so easily, and without constant monitoring. A bit of olive oil and some pizza sauce, topped with little … Continue reading

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Les Chapeaux

  Although they are all lovely, I think I rather favor the straw hat with the strawberry bow!  Although the stiff lace one at the upper left is intriguing. Which is your favorite?

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Claudia’s Hat Shop in Lowell, Arizona

  Such interesting colors!  Tomorrow I will post a close up of some of the hats that are not visible from this window scene.   Perhaps you will recall the photos I posted of the old cars and Indian … Continue reading

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Onion Rings Made So Very Easy

If you love onion rings as much as I do, but find they are too time consuming to make yourself, and a huge disappointment when ordering them in a restaurant, here’s something I stumbled upon by accident that made my onion … Continue reading

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