Red Beans and Rice, with Pork and Kale

pork, beans and


This was surprisingly good.  Somehow the kale played off nicely with the creaminess of the beans, and the pepper salsa accented the thin pork cutlet just right.

Yes, that’s my dose of turmeric in the bright little pile on the beans.  It is really vile, but I persist!  My ankles seem to hurt less, but not sure what to credit – maybe it IS the turmeric!  ;->


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8 Responses to Red Beans and Rice, with Pork and Kale

  1. Could very well be the turmeric. I don’t believe everything I read about herbs but a lot of it makes sense.

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  2. Tasty looking plate!
    If you feel the turmeric helps that’s already a good sign.

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  3. Terri says:

    How do you cook the Kale? I’ve heard a lot about turmeric, but haven’t really cooked with it much.


    • judilyn says:

      I steam the kale. It takes about 20 or so minutes – more than you would think for such thin leaves. The turmeric is vile stuff. I hate it, but it does seem to be helping with my sciatic pain some. I just sprinkle a big dose of it on part of my meal (something that is wet, so it sticks), eat that, and then enjoy the rest of my meal in peace! I tried incorporating it into food, but that just makes everything in sight yellow colored, and you don’t really get enough of it at one time to do any good. So I just hold my nose and gobble down a blob of it with my cooked cereal at breakfast, and hopefully at one other meal during the day where they is something mushy or soup to hide it in.


  4. LFFL says:

    Judilyn, I see you’re still cooking up goodies. Your photos always bestill my heart.

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