Homestead, Florida to Huachuca City, Arizona



Found this delightful truck ready to be converted into an RV!  The sign on the side says “Fuchs Baking Company, Est. 1912, Homestead, FL”.

It was no doubt a very long and bumpy ride across the country for this vehicle, although there is some chance it was transported by flatbed trailer.

Can anyone identify the car?  I think the nameplate on the front said “Ford”, but not certain.  The “instrument panel” was a bunch of small, old batteries, but it was not possible to know if that is really the way it was back then, or if there are a lot of the parts missing from the inside.

Holsum Bakeries was a landmark in South Miami in the 50’s and probably before and beyond.  I moved there with my family in 1949, but haven’t lived there since 1985.  Every year at Christmastime they would have a huge creche in front of their building.  Looks like it is a shopping center now, but I have not seen it.  I found a picture on the net of the entrance to the shopping center, but it is so garish that I am not going to put a pointer to it here.

I found on the net this more satisfying picture of the Christmas display.  It was really something in person to the young child I was back then.  I didn’t get to see it every year, but I remember it well.


From the State Archives of Florida

I never expected this flood of memories when I woke up this morning!


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10 Responses to Homestead, Florida to Huachuca City, Arizona

  1. I can sum my knowledge about cars with “it has 4 wheels” – so can’t help much with that. But I love the shape of it and the photo. 🙂

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  2. kfears70s says:

    Oh man, I can imagine pulling into some snooty Campground with that – you know, one of the CG’s that say no rigs older than 10 years!

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  3. sandtalker says:

    You were right next door to me if you took that picture in Huachuca City…

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