Eight Red Peppers 

Yesterday we bought a dozen red peppers and managed to eat four of them.   Here are the other eight – roasted and ready to wait in the freezer for later use.

They are three for a dollar for the third week in a row, so my cast iron skillet is getting a good workout.

There are still six in the refrigerator for crispy consumption.  More will be purchased as the week goes by.  They freeze fairly well and are a much-welcomed addition to so many dishes for color and flavor.

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11 Responses to Eight Red Peppers 

  1. I love ripe red peppers, crisp or roasted. When a deal like that comes along I buy now and come up with a plan later!


    • judilyn says:

      Exactly! I had just used my last bag of previously-frozen ones about a two weeks ago, so this was nicely timed. They aren’t as good as freshly roasted, having been frozen, but quite usable since they tend to be over (sometimes waaaay over) a dollar each during much of the rest of the year. I froze all the ones you see in the picture, but there are still about ten in the refrigerator, and we will be making additional pilgrimages to the store during the week. There is a limit of six to a customer, so we check out separately. No one seems to care about that, so I guess it isn’t really cheating.

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  2. Kim says:

    Good to know about freezing.

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  3. LFFL says:

    You can stuff those bad boys with some goodness too.

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