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Portrait of a Persimmon

  Before it graced our breakfast plates, this is how the persimmon looked.   Isn’t it beautiful ???

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Christmas Persimmon

  About a week ago, I bought two Hachiya persimmons and put them on the kitchen windowsill.  They were patient models for my camera snapping in their faces all week, but one of them came into its own this morning when it adorned … Continue reading

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Stuffed Green Peppers in the Cuisinart Oven Central

  This was a very easy-to-do dinner that had wonderful flavor and nutrition. This Cuisinart Oven Central machine has really made life a lot simpler.  The best part is that clean up is practically non-existent.  Nothing seems to stick to the … Continue reading

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Let me see . . .

Rusty’s RV Ranch Rodeo, New Mexico   His hands look they do harder work than just consulting his crystal ball. Is that a bird on his shoulder?

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