Pepper Steak Times Three

Pepper steak is a big fave for a quick, healthy dinner (or lunch).  We never seem to tire of it, and this week, we had it three different times.  Not consecutively, mind you, but we did have it on three different nights during the week.

Each time it was a little different as I added this or that, or changed the “bed” on which it was served.  This is linguini that was leftover from our dinner of chicken cacciatore that I made one night.  The larger noodles were an excellent substitute for the more Chinese-y type of noodles that this is usually served over.

As you can see, it was a quick-quick meal.  I sautéed the veggies, and then pushed them aside and plopped in the linguini to reheat.  I sprayed everything with some distilled water from my trusty water squirter by the stove, covered the pan, and the veggies and pasta steamed to perfection.  When they were just about finished heating, I put in the leftover steak slices to just heat and cook the tiniest bit more.




Plated, it looked like this, and was twice as delicious as it looks!  The grated ginger and sesame oil give this dish a decided Oriental flavor, especially with the addition of a light sprinkling of soy sauce.  The red stuff in the jar behind the bread is Mama Judie’s Secret Red Pepper Relish.  A dab of that on this dish sent it into an orbit of wondrousness.  The crispy sourdough French bread, slathered in butter, really set the whole meal off and provided the “crunch” needed.



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12 Responses to Pepper Steak Times Three

  1. taphian says:

    looks very healthy and delicious, Judie, virtual hugs, Mitza

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  2. mmmmm this looks so tasty. Steak and peppers go so well together. I’m now curious about that red pepper relish… 🙂

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  3. Spray bottle in the kitchen is a neat trick I use a lot. I love the flavor of toasted sesame oil. The red pepper relish sounds really good.

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  4. thegreyeye says:

    Wow looks really delicious

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