This beautiful creature just came for a long drink at our water pond.  Have never seen him in the daylight before.  Look how many different patterns are on his body.


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22 Responses to Bobcat

  1. Wow – what an honor to see this beautiful creature in the wild.

  2. Kathy L says:

    A wildlife score! How exciting! What a beautiful animal.

  3. Such a gorgeous animal and great photo! 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Here, kitty. Here, kitty. I hope he stops by for another photo.


  5. taphian says:

    very beautiful, I love these big cats a lot. Really good photo, Judie, virtual hugs Mitza

  6. Craig Sheumaker says:

    So how’s the mouse population with him around? Under control, I would expect.

  7. dreamjosie says:

    Lucky catch. Have never seen one in person. Beautiful

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