We Have Nesting Roadrunners Again !

See full story at Animals Spotted (above) – two entries.

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14 Responses to We Have Nesting Roadrunners Again !

  1. taphian says:

    great shot, Judie, we don’t have these birds here. Have a nice day, virtual hugs, Mitza

    • judilyn says:

      They are pretty big and don’t really fly much. If they get up to a rooftop or into a tree, they sort of float to the ground, rather than doing traditional wing flapping. I guess their bodies are too heavy for the capabilities of their wings.

      • taphian says:

        that’s interesting, thanks for this information. We don’t really have such birds. The biggest bird we have here, I saw some days ago was a fish eagle and a stork, which can fly well. 🙂

      • judilyn says:

        Roadrunners are nowhere nearly so large as an eagle. Maybe half that size. They are just bigger than most of the birds around here.

      • taphian says:

        Do you have ravens, too? I like them so much because they are so intelligent.

      • judilyn says:

        Yes, we have ravens. The roadrunners are not quite as big as the ravens. I think the ravens that we have here are the Chihuahuan Ravens, but we are right on the border of two different deserts, so perhaps we have Sonoran Ravens as well. I don’t know enough about birds to know the difference.

  2. Dale says:

    Thanks Judie! As you know, your wildlife photos are my favorites. Sorry you lost function on the waterhole camera.

    • judilyn says:

      It’s an old one from the last time – four years ago. I’ll try to get a current one when things get settled in for them. I don’t want to be too invasive right off the bat.

  3. Dale says:

    It gets me more than I like to admit! 🤗

  4. What a great view you have! I love the arid Southwest. It is fascinating watching the wildlife. No need to adjust your lifestyle much to avoid scaring them off. They may get startled at times but they will come back. The mother wren in the nest just outside our door used to fly off every time we opened the door. Now she stays put when we go in and out unless we are too noisy or stick our faces right in front of the nest.

    • judilyn says:

      This is a very thick pyracantha hedge that abuts our deck. The nest is way up off the ground, so safe from foxes and coyotes – but not other birds.

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