Peppers and Sourdough Bread Appetizer

When the bread came out of the oven, the peppers were prepped and ready for their turn.


And yes, one pepper half is missing, as is a generous slab of fresh-outta-the oven sourdough bread.  It was about an hour until dinnertime, so the cook took her due!  So satisfying!

If I had been more patient (I wasn’t!), I could have sprinkled a little olive oil and Italian herbs onto the bread and perhaps a few shreds of a potent cheese into that pepper half, but I gotta’ tell you, it was so superb just as it was.  The pepper half was still hot, but the bread had cooled just enough to be able to slash off a bit of the end.

Can you tell I am still enjoying the memory?  ;->  It’s the little things that make life worth living!!!


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10 Responses to Peppers and Sourdough Bread Appetizer

  1. K says:

    . . .had to go get a napkin. . .drooled all down my chin, . .

  2. becomebetty says:

    Looks really great!

  3. The cook is absolutely right – in such cases, there’s no need for any additions! 🙂

  4. taphian says:

    yes, I love these peppers and the bread a lot. Would have liked to eat with you.
    You only should be carefully not to use this aluminum foil, it’s very unhealthy.
    Have a nice day, virtual hugs, Mitza

    • judilyn says:

      You’re probably right about the tinfoil. I seldom use it for anything for that reason, but the last two times I did the peppers, I used nothing and the clean up was horrendous on my good pan. I have parchment paper and could have used that, but it was just slightly too small for the pan. I’ll do it right next time. Thanks for the reminder.

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