Tres Amigos


I do a lot of mixing and matching of ingredients, some of which come straight out of jars – like these three friends above.  Contrary to what I thought it would be like, the Thai red curry paste is not hot at all; just very flavorful!  But the chipotles certainly added quite a bite!

So I took Mexican and Thai ingredients and added in some French bleu cheese dressing and made a delightful “secret sauce” for our cheeseburgers today.   This was surprisingly delicious!  I didn’t put any other condiments on my burger – just a fat slice of fresh tomato.  Oh, Happy Day!

Must do again soon!


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16 Responses to Tres Amigos

  1. K says:

    Aieeee, carumba!


  2. I, too, assumed red curry paste would be very hot. I must try it.

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  3. taphian says:

    that’s really a great combination, Judie, virtual hugs, Mitza

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  4. I use this red curry paste often in cooking, but never paired it with either blue cheese dressing nor chipotles. Sounds like a very interesting “secret sauce”!

    By the way, I highly recommend the the green curry paste of the same company.

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  5. bearthio says:

    Thanks for the condiment idea, Judie. I’ll give it a try.

    My apologies for inserting this off-topic message here, but could you please make some room in your LDO Inbox? 🙂 Many thanks!

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