Tomato Ears

All the flap about the “ears” on the new iPhone X screen made me think of this photo that I took a while ago.  These lovely tomatoes on the vine are back at the grocery store – finally – at a price that is doable.  We look forward to tomato and red pepper season.

Hopefully those delicious red peppers aren’t far behind.  I hauled a bag of roasted peppers out of the freezer from last year’s crop, and they tasted really good after something of a hiatus from them.  Can’t wait to fill my oven again this year.

I didn’t take a picture yesterday, but the peppers perfectly topped a lovely cheeseburger with grilled onions and a big salad of Romaine and green leaf lettuces, and chopped tomatoes.

For a “new” salad dressing, I combined a bit of pickle relish with catsup, and then mixed in some refrigerated bottled dressing that says “white balsamic shallot” on the label.  WOW – what a great combination.  We put it on the burgers (a new secret sauce!), and then onto our salads.  It improved both dishes.  Just a dab of sharpness that really heightened the salad, while adding some pizazz to the burger and onions.

It is really fun to make these little dabs of things to excite our taste buds.  I keep reading that old people (that’s us!) can lose their desire to eat because food loses its appeal.  That surely isn’t the case in this household!  We totally look forward to every meal, and are constantly amazed at the incredible variety of foods that we have our choice of in the grocery stores.

I am a very lucky girl to have a nice kitchen with good tools, and storage space for foods.  It really makes staying as healthy as possible a joy to do.


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5 Responses to Tomato Ears

  1. taphian says:

    wonderful story and photo, dear Judie. It’s always good to make things with a lot of love and affection. Everybody can eat healthy food but only few do it. Have a nice day, virtual hugs Mitza


  2. judilyn says:

    Thank you, Mitza. Our friends like you make me happy to share our joy! ;->


  3. Liz says:

    That is one pretty looking plate. Very nutritious but appealing too. Our peppers are here. I have two huge bags in my fridge. Yesterday I made a Catalonian salad with roasted pepper. I had the left overs for breakfast this morning-cold with a hot cup of coffee. I love love love kitchens. It’s the way to my stomach. Enjoy the rest of the day!


  4. chefkreso says:

    Delicious, it looks wonderful and so tasty! Thanks for sharing this lovely post!


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