Boneless Leg and Thigh

This is a new discovery for me.  Our local ethnic grocery store frequently offers boneless leg and thigh meat.  It is also skinless, and looks just like you see in the picture above.  The amount is huge!  That is all one attached piece of meat.

At $1.27 a pound (regular price, not on sale), this 6+ pound package was $8.33, and had EIGHT pieces of meat like you see above.  There is no waste at all.  In contrast, the Brussels Sprouts were $3. a pound!  But we enjoy them just as much as the chicken!!

As you can see, this piece of chicken cooked up beautifully and provided enough meat for both of us, with a wee bit left over to plop into the soup du jour the next day.

Both the bulgur and Brussels Sprouts were already cooked, so when the chicken was almost done, I put in the other two items to reheat.

So that was the only pan to clean!  I continue to be amazed at how well this Calphalon pan is holding up, and what a tremendous job it does with the cooking part.  Clean up is a breeze.  It has all the benefits of cast iron – only with a non-stick surface.

I surely wish I had discovered this line of cookware before now!


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5 Responses to Boneless Leg and Thigh

  1. Jan says:

    I have some of these type of pans and I also love them, sure saves time with clean-up.


  2. That’s a real bargain for the chicken! Tasty looking dish! 🙂

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  3. becomebetty says:

    Such a great price. Ethnic markets are so great and have so many great finds.

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