Who Needs a Microwave?

The last time I mentioned reheating precooked food on the stove, there were several folks who wrote privately to ask for more information.

It really is dead simple to do this with excellent results while not needing to use the microwave.

Above you see the entire meal that we had last night.  There was still a bit left over.

Here’s how:

Cook the squash (or whatever fresh vegetable) to “almost done”.  Then shove it aside to finish cooking and stay warm; add the pre-cooked items to reheat and/or brown up a bit.  I didn’t think to turn over the potatoes so you could see how nicely they caramelized, but they did, and they were delicious.

DH put a little BBQ sauce on his plate, and I used a tablespoon of Bleu Cheese dressing, as “dipping” sauces.

Washing up?  This pan, two plates, our silverware, and a serving spoon.

Hint #1:  Starting with a fresh vegetable means that the quick-cooking vegetable can be stored more easily than a cooked one, and its taste and consistency are not changed by the freezing process.  Most veggies take very little time to cook, and all of the goodness that exudes from it is captured in the pan to add flavor and zest to the entire meal.  At the very end of the time, add a tablespoon or so of water and let it pick up the fond from the bottom of the frying pan and add itself to the food.  This also facilitates clean up.

Hint #2:  Making more food than you plan to eat at that very moment = a second easy peasy meal.  You can reheat it using these same techniques.  Way better, and quicker, than going out!


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5 Responses to Who Needs a Microwave?

  1. I detest microwaves. They totally ruin the food when reheating. I’m with you on this! 🙂

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  2. Sherry says:

    Making enough for at least two meals is what we always do. Cuts cooking in half. Microwaved food doesn’t stay warm as long as stove warmed.

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  3. taphian says:

    looks delicious, Judie, virtual hugs, Mitza

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