Poached and Pancake

Our usual Sunday Special Brunch was a little different today.

This is polenta with cheese and chives, topped with a pepper ratatouille; a poached egg; a breakfast sausage; a half-piece of bacon; and a pancake made from the leftover egg/milk mixture from the French toast (not pictured).

We’re experimenting with straight Cayenne Pepper, as shown on the egg.Β  It isn’t as hot as I had expected, but, in small sprinkles, adds quite a bit of pizzazz.

Is it next Sunday yet?Β  ;->


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9 Responses to Poached and Pancake

  1. mmm very appetizing plate! How did you like the Pico Fruta? I’ve had mixed feelings about it.

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  2. judilyn says:

    I like the Pico Fruta a lot. Gary doesn’t use it much – at least not until his tongue heals. ;->

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  3. judilyn says:

    I finally got some Brie, but now I’ve forgotten what it was you were tempting me with to use it!


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