Potato Onion Bread


This bread threatened to take over the entire kitchen!  I used a plain white bread recipe and added freeze-dried shallots, an egg, non-diastatic malt instead of sugar, and some potato flakes.  The result is shown here.  Fortunately it had enough body to support that huge dome that raised up as it baked.

The taste was fantastic and made delicious cheese bread topped with pepper cheese, crumbled bacon, with overlapping, thin tomato slices covering the surface.  Perfect with a nice green salad for a late night supper.

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14 Responses to Potato Onion Bread

  1. taphian says:

    It really looks very tasty and I just went to my fridge to look what I could put on it:)) Virtual hugs, Mitza

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    • judilyn says:

      My preference with bread is almost always to add simply butter, but Gary had some nice orange/tangerine marmalade that we got from England.

      He likes it well enough that I am going to make an effort to produce my own from the kitchen as the imported jar of it was gaspingly expensive.

      I started the process by zapping tangerine peel in the food processor and then making a vanilla pudding and just adding it in. It was grainy. Let’s say I liked it better than other members of the family! Probably would have been better to cook it a bit with some sugar, but I have such an aversion to overly-sweet foods, that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ll work on it. ;->

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      • taphian says:

        I do a lot of jam by myself. We have a good sugar here. You need one pound for 3 pounds of fruits which makes a very fruity taste. I like to put a spoon of jam in plain joghurt, it tastes yummy:))

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  2. That’s an impressive loaf of bread! Love the addition of shallots and potatoes. 🙂

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  3. judilyn says:

    The slices are almost too big for the toaster! The shallots were freeze-dried but expanded with the moisture of the bread. I should have waited and put them in at the end. I could smell them as it was rising, but they provided only a bare ambience by the time it was totally baked. This is not all bad; made it possible for Gary to use his marmalade on there.

    I’m thinking of making sandwich rolls with this altered recipe, and putting the shallots on top like regular “onion rolls” from the grocery store.

    I got a nifty bottle of “Everything but the Bagel” sesame seasoning blend from Trader Joe’s that is calling me to make rolls, too. Maybe tomorrow !! ;->

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