Buffalo Ghee


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2 Responses to Buffalo Ghee

  1. becomebetty says:

    How is the seasoned ghee? What do you use it with? I’ve only picked up the regular ghee.

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  2. judilyn says:

    The season buffalo ghee says it has “turmeric and other spices”. I take turmeric as a matter of course every day, so its presence was not noticeable to me, but the color sure was. In tasting the product when I first brought it home, I thought it was incredibly “blah”, and proceeded to load it up from my own considerable stash of Penzey’s spices. I don’t remember what I put in there; I just slopped stuff in and tasted until it had some distinctive flavor. I wasn’t particular about what it was, only THAT it had SOME flavor to overpower the distinctive flavor of “buffalo”, so I didn’t keep track of what I put in there, but I suspect there was a goodly modicum of Montreal Steak Seasoning.

    Bottom line: I am using it up when making stir fry dishes, or if sautéing something particularly devoid of its own hearty ambience, but it is not a product that I would repurchase. Mostly, I was just curious.


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