Belgium, Germany, Spain

I love cooked cabbage . . . DH – not so much, so Brussels sprouts to go with the German Cheese/Beer Brats – and we are both happy.  A little España as a side with the Spanish rice, which was pasilla and green peppers, Italian sausage, and onion with rice.  For good measure, I dribbled on some Mexican salsa, and then sprinkled some ancho chili powder over everything.

I’ve always wondered if cooks in other countries cook dishes from other countries on a routine basis.  I see by my stats that there are readers in other countries . . . do you mind leaving a note about this?  Do you cook the cuisine from countries other than your own?  What would you consider an “American” dish?


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1 Response to Belgium, Germany, Spain

  1. taphian says:

    you are a “worldwide cook”, Judie. I like to cook meals from other countries like Japan, Thailand, Greece, Italy etc., only German food is boring. I don’t have any idea what people eat in the USA. I guess turkey. Virtual hugs, Mitza


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