Sunny Paris


Whoopeee!  We got to go on a short trip – a week in New Mexico !!!

First night home – leftover noodles and lots of bits of veggies from the trip, combined with a lovely stalk of bok choy that had waited patiently in the refrigerator at home.

Sunny Paris ???  Well, that is the name of the green specks of spice that you see on the penne.  It is from Penzey’s, and contains the following:

Purple shallots, chives, green peppercorn, French basil, French tarragon, chervil, bay leaf and dill weed.

I was generous with it in the pan, but we each put on more at table.  It is a really nice combination of herbs!  Goes with a lot of things, and is a lovely green to add nice color to white things – like the penne.

The veggies are onions, mushrooms, red pepper, bok choy, celery, and carrots. I keep pre-cooked bacon around all the time, so I crumbled up a slice over the top of everything.  It made for a nice, barely discernible, overtone of smoky flavor.

I had a few boneless chicken legs already cooked, so that was the meat part.  These boneless legs and thighs are great !  As easy to use as boneless breast meat, and a lot more juicy.  They freeze well, too.

NB:  Don’t be put off by the price of the Penzey’s spice and herbs.  They seem high, but most of them DO NOT contain salt, which makes up the bulk of most mixtures you can get in the grocery store.  I have been VERY pleased with their products.  They have great sales and freebies, so that’s when I do my gift shopping as well!

Trader Joe’s has a few specialty spices/herbs like this that are good, too, but their selection is minuscule compared to Penzey’s.


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6 Responses to Sunny Paris

  1. That’s a pretty affordable and easy way to get to Paris! 🙂


  2. Sherry says:

    SO glad you got to go on a trip. Hope you’ll write about it. That is another gorgeous food photograh. I sure wish you were my chef. What’s the heat factor on Sunny Paris? Does Traders have it? Don’t think there is a Penzey’s in my neck of the woods.


    • judilyn says:

      Glad to see David’s smiling face so prominently shown on your blog posts! Bully for him!!! ;->

      Not much to write about our trip. We did a little exploring, but mostly this was a shakedown cruise to see IF/HOW we could get back into RV’ing, albeit in short spurts.

      I mail order from Penzey’s since Trader Joe’s spice offerings are nice, but pale in comparison to the variety available at Penzey’s.


  3. taphian says:

    looks fantastic, Judie, virtual hugs from the cold, Mitza

    Liked by 1 person

  4. judilyn says:

    So easy; so yummy!


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