Sometimes, when the sun is just about to disappear until the morrow, our backyard actually looks just like this.  But at THIS particular moment I am pre-shutter release manipulating the scene by holding my sunglasses up in front of my iPad!  We were trying to see how the polarizer feature of the sunglasses would translate to an ordinary photo.

Tobacco, sepia, or polarizer filters make fun toys for the camera buff, but whilst we wait for Amazon to deliver, we will just improvise!


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4 Responses to Sunglasses

  1. becomebetty says:

    Wow! What an absolutely amazing picture. I love the color on it.

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  2. RV John says:

    Well I would have surely thought it was a beautiful late evening at sunset, had you not told me about the sunglasses! They seem to work very nicely!

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