Fox Point


Not all of our meals are really worthy of showcasing on here, but even the ones that don’t ring the bell visually are unbelievably delicious in the eating phase.

Here is an example:  This is a slice of roasted chicken breast, with a fresh beet and two small Yukon Gold potatoes.  Even now, when I look at this photo, it doesn’t really look all that appealing, but I can assure you that when I was shoveling it into my face, I was enjoying every mouthful.

Before eating it, of course, I made smaller bits of the potatoes and beets, and the entire plate was covered with food, so what looks like a scanty plate of food in the photo, was quite a satisfying amount for the dinner meal.

The Fox Point is an herb mixture from Penzey’s Spices, which is my current darling.  I mixed it into some sour cream to dot my browned (and yes, leftover!) potatoes, and could have put some on the chicken breast, but didn’t think of it before snapping the picture.  I did put a small blob of Bleu Cheese Dressing on the plate as a bit of a “dipping sauce” for the meat.

The beets (also leftover and reheated with the potatoes in a frying pan on the stove) had a bit of a butter shimmer, but really didn’t require much in the way of any seasoning.

I have found that this way of reheating food is so satisfactory that I sometimes make a component of a meal in advance, and then do the reheating at dinner time.  I’m not sure they are then “leftovers”, but certainly they could be categorized as “planned overs”.

Makes meal prep really fun instead of a drudge.

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2 Responses to Fox Point

  1. taphian says:

    Well, it looks very nice, dear Judie. Unfortunately I can’t buy a lot of things here that you are stating. Have a nice day, virtual hugs Mitza

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  2. RV John says:

    It does look good, I am off to the refrigerator to find something to eat!

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