Bicycle Rack

One of the restaurants in Tucson that was recommended by the hospital as safe for transplant patients to choose is Beyond Bread.

We went there in 2007/08 during that time in Tucson, but hadn’t been back in the interim, since we seldom eat out at all. But on our routine doc visit trek up there last month, we passed by and decided to stop in – remembering fondly that the food was really good.

I’m here to tell you that ten years down the line, this restaurant is still attractively maintained (not all are), and that the food is as delicious as ever.

We enjoyed our repast there so much so that when we were up there again last Thursday, we made it a point to be good and hungry as we were yet again in the neighborhood.

There were a lot of things to take pictures of inside, but lazy ol’ me just kept munching on my delicious sandwich.  But on the way out . . . I spied the bicycle rack that is provided for non-auto driving patrons. The location is close to the University of Arizona, so, during school times, this rack is probably oversubscribed. But right now, it had just one lonely patron of its own. I love things that are clever, and using the old time bicycle wheels as the lock point really tickled my fancy.

I used Mobile Monet to manipulate the image this time, but hopefully on our next visit I will be able to get a more thoughtful image that will provide the basis for a better presentation.


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