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Velvety Black Beans a la Instant Pot

Love that InstantPot!  Not only does it save time, it gives us the privilege of deciding what we want to eat at the last minute – so to speak. This meal was a slam dunk. I put a cup and … Continue reading

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Pizza? Never on Monday or Tuesday

Because that’s when The Velvet Elvis is closed. I was re-strolling the streets of Patagonia a couple of days ago by scrolling through the photos that were taken on an excursion there about three years ago.  While waiting for the … Continue reading

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Pistachio Pancakes

We seem to be on a pancake kick these days.  I make a big batch on Sunday, and then the leftovers are available for weekday pre-breakfast snacks.  This time the “secret ingredient” was pistachios.  They are just lightly salted, so … Continue reading

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Pre-Breakfast Bar

This is our Coffee Corner in the kitchen. My morning medication to replace my obliterated thyroid requires that I wait for two hours (!!!) before eating solid food in the morning. If DH gets up before that time is up, … Continue reading

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Javelina Upheaval

WORDPRESS refuses to let me put spaces between paragraphs today.  Grrr!          According to the time stamp on the photos that the critter cam provided, it took these javelinas about a New York minute to get the pond out of … Continue reading

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Baby Pizzas

We’ve taken to making these little pizzas instead of one big one. They are quick to make on the sourdough bread rounds, and come out so very tasty. No heating up of the big oven, or having a lot of … Continue reading

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