Javelina Upheaval

WORDPRESS refuses to let me put spaces between paragraphs today.  Grrr!
         According to the time stamp on the photos that the critter cam provided, it took these javelinas about a New York minute to get the pond out of the ground and tossed aside.  It landed just out of sight where the left-hand pigs are standing. There were at least four that I could count, but I guess this guy is the winner of the lottery that they held to see who got to lay in the hole. Do I see a smile there, or is it more of a smirk?
          Looks like the others are trying to nudge him out so that they can take a turn. Not clear what their motive was for this, but like dutiful servants, we put it back into the ground this morning with, hopefully, heavier anchoring.
          We have had the pond torn out previously, but this is the first time we captured it on CCTV!

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7 Responses to Javelina Upheaval

  1. K says:

    With that Mona Lisa smile, I reckon she was posing for the pic; me thinks that pig is a ham!


  2. taphian says:

    a cute smile, I love piggies. Virtual hugs, Mitza

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  3. judilyn says:

    We had been sitting on the deck where we could see the area just moments before they did this. But it is very dark (big expanse of nothing for miles in that direction), so they probably could have done that practically under our noses and we wouldn’t have seen them.


  4. Clanmother says:

    I love how technology highlights stories…

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  5. judilyn says:

    Today we are using “shovel” and “wire” technology. The javelina gave it their best shot to get the water pond out of the ground last night, but were only partially successful. Gary is out there right now with a shovel and a handful of tent stakes!


  6. Definitely a smile…hahahaha

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