Pistachio Pancakes

We seem to be on a pancake kick these days.  I make a big batch on Sunday, and then the leftovers are available for weekday pre-breakfast snacks.  This time the “secret ingredient” was pistachios.  They are just lightly salted, so there is no interference with the salt content of the pancakes.

The above-shown Craisins infused with blueberry juice are really, really good in these pancakes.  DH just loves blueberry pancakes, but both fresh and frozen have their drawbacks.  Mostly I use fresh, but this doesn’t seem to be the season for them, and the supply of the ones I had frozen during the season had been exhausted, so the above was a really good substitute.  There are several different infusion flavors.

I’ve been using barley malt in our pancakes lately in place of about half of the sugar, and I think it helps to make a smoother surface – see above.  This amounts to only a tablespoon of each sweetener spread among 16 pancakes, so they are not very sweet.  DH puts butter, cinnamon, and a few drops of maple syrup on them, but I find that I like them better just plain – sort of like a piece of toast.

Turns out that this is a really good recipe as it calls for only two tablespoons of oil or melted butter (I used avocado oil).  I use a Presto non-stick electric frying pan, and don’t have any difficulty with sticking, and without the use of any “grease” in the pan.  They come out nice and dry, as you see.

Not sure why the sausage looks so dark; it isn’t burnt by any means.  It was juicy and delicious.


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5 Responses to Pistachio Pancakes

  1. Looks good!
    The barley malt sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

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  2. judilyn says:

    I’m not clear what else it might be good for, but it sure does a bang-up job in pancakes! I’d love to know any results.


  3. Clanmother says:

    I love pancakes – whether they are topped with ice cream and chocolate, or with served with eggs. They seem to be the perfect pairing! Yummy!

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  4. taphian says:

    they look so yummy. Do they grow pistachios in the USA? They are very expensive here.
    Have nice day, virtual hugs, Mitza

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  5. judilyn says:

    Apparently we do.

    “One-hundred percent of the U.S. pistachio crop is grown in the West, including California (98.5 percent of the crop), Arizona, and New Mexico. There are about 850 pistachio growers in the tri-state area. California growers have about 250,000 acres of pistachios in 22 counties.Apr 5, 2013”

    They are relatively expensive here. I paid $15. a pound for these (out of the shell, so totally edible) from Amazon. That caused me some heartburn in the beginning, but I stacked that price up against other protein sources (like meat) that I don’t really like as much, and found that the pistachios are really a bargain in use.

    Good, organic ground meat tends to be in the $8./lb. range, and that has to be cooked, causing shrinkage. Other, more tender cuts of meat, can be in that same $15./lb. range, and even more.

    We sprinkle a small handful on a tiny ice cream dessert after dinner, or even grab a handful for an afternoon snack – calories well spent, I say! ;->


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