Pork Chunks with Herbs and Spices

Pork Chunks with Herbs and Spices



This plate of food, I admit, looks less than enticing, but was it ever satisfyingly delicious!  After having taken the photo, I put some of the meat juices over the pork, but other than that, this is how we ate it.

The carrots were sweet and delicious, so no need to drown them in butter, and the leftover yellow rice paired perfectly with the bits and pieces I added to it – onions, fresh tomato salsa, leftover bits of tomato from the lunch salad, and pasilla peppers, that I can remember.

There were probably sprinkles of various Penzey’s spices in there, too, along with Mild Chili Powder from Santa Cruz Chili Company.  This mild chili powder is just that – chili powder – no garlic or cumin – just chili.  It adds a nice body to foods without projecting its own personality too strongly.

I cooked a huge pile of meaty pork country ribs in the large InstantPot, sprinkling them generously with Penzey’s 33rd and Galena, which is supposed to be a rub, and their Adobo seasoning, plus some Montreal Steak Seasoning and a generous portion of the Santa Cruz chili powder mentioned above.

Using this method, the few bones are easily removed from the meat, and now I have a huge pile of delicious pork to work into meals for quite a while.  The seasonings make it flavorful without restricting its use to just Mexican dishes.

We are not big meat eaters, so I am going to freeze half of this stash for use later.  It will be most welcome on its next appearance.


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  1. RV John says:

    Looks really good to me, just a little small for a big fellow like me … ☺

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