Pink Hope

It is the tail end of monsoon season here in Arizona, and we are enjoying the cooler weather.  At this time of year the local photographers are out in force.  They provide a plethora of wonderful images of brilliant night skies, The Milky Way, lightning strikes, beautiful cloud formations, fabulous sunrises and sunsets, and unique renditions of the moon and stars that are offered for our collective enjoyment.

One of our main enjoyments is to sit on our deck at dusk and watch the night fall, and hope that a few animals will wander by to thrill us.  The above photo is the view from that deck.  The main mountains are off to the right a bit, but this lovely cloud might have dissipated before it could chug its way to a more photogenic position, so I captured it in place.

This is what brings us peace in this currently topsy turvy world.


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4 Responses to Pink Hope

  1. taphian says:

    really beautiful, Judie, virtual hugs Mitza, hope Gary is feeling better,


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