Owl Totem

Yesterday we were about one third of the distance to Patagonia at an appointment, and in a wild and crazy moment, we did something spontaneous!  We drove the rest of the way there, AND ate lunch out.

Neither of us had a camera with us – OY – but I had my iPhone 6+ AND my newest addition, an iPhone SE that I bought refurbished, just for the 12 MP camera, to carry around in my purse for unexpected photo ops.

So there was a camera for each of us.  NB:  DH is not iPhone literate, so there was a bit of a learning curve for him to use the SE.  But he did great and got several “keepers”.  We are always happy to come home with ONE good shot each, so the day was a success!

The ambient lighting couldn’t have been more accommodating.  The afternoon was somewhat overcast with areas of clouds and peek-through blue sky, so the lighting everywhere was just perfect – no harsh shadows – just glorious light.

When we got home, it was time for the Ol’ Folks to take their naps, but after we’d rested, it was great fun using Air Drop to move the photos directly to our computers, and we had a blast going over all of his photos as well as my own.

The above may not have been the most photogenic of the lot, but it was far and away the one I pulled up first to look at and to improve!

DH is much better with Photoshop than I am, so we had a small lesson in how to invoke and use a mask.  We each learned something new!


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2 Responses to Owl Totem

  1. Craig Sheumaker says:


    Really nice shot. You got a lot of “local color” with the pretty pole, somber the statue, the wonderful wrought iron and the bumpy birch. Never know what you’ll find when you do something “spontaneous.”

    Can you send me the original (doesn’t have to be full resolution)? I’m curious to see what all you improved.

    Keep em coming!



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  2. Clanmother says:

    I love that we have mobile phones to capture moments. Lovely capture.

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