Wild Horse

Also in Patagonia, there is this very interesting restaurant within the same building as a smallish hotel. There are three choices for seating venues. We sat in the main enclosed area, overlooking a “patio around the pool” area that was ringed by the doors of the hotel rooms in the two-story building.  There were many trees, and other planted areas, with a rather tropical look that was very pleasant.

In the entrance area at the front of the building, there was more French Café-type seating where one could watch passersby enjoy the authenticity of this small town.

As I was admiring this lovely painting on the wall inside the restaurant, one of the waitresses went by and said proudly “I painted that”.  It was fabulous to hear the pride that she put forth without seeming to be self-centered about it.  It was very nice to see the artist in person!

There is no picture of the food, but we had an enormous Rueben Sandwich that came with a cup of very good, homemade vegetable beef soup.  The corned beef was lean and delicious, with just the right amount of well-pickled saurkraut added to the marble rye grilled toast.  We had hoped to indulge in a nice dessert, but when the meal was over, there was room enough only to slide down a bit of coffee.


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3 Responses to Wild Horse

  1. snordenberg@aol.com says:

    You made me want to take a trip down there !      THANKS   and glad you had a good !


  2. Beautiful painting. How nice to meet the painter, and even nicer, that she could see you’ve enjoyed her art. 🙂

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  3. dawn says:

    Patagonia…lovely ♡


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