Just Say “Hi”

La Encantada Shopping Center is one of my favorite venues for snap, snap, snapping!  Subjects abound.  Every direction I look, there are “pictures” waiting for me to gather up.

Earlier this week, we were fortunate enough not only to get excellent news from the doctor, but also to be able to spend some time in the Apple Store participating in an excellent free lecture, and then still had the energy to enjoy peering through the viewfinder to my heart’s content.

I won’t lie – this place is a treasure, and securing satisfying shots for me is a slam dunk, but just as we were heading out, I saw the above scene in the distance.

It wasn’t until I was processing my shots at home that I realized how marvelous this particular one happened to be.  I hadn’t seen the shy smile on the girl and the tiny wave from the passing toddler as the shutter released, but sometimes a stream of sunlight does wonders, and I’m just lucky enough to be there at the same time!


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2 Responses to Just Say “Hi”

  1. Dale says:

    Nice photo! But great news about Gary!! I’m heading back to NM by a week from Monday. Hopefully we can get together while I’m there.

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