Bunny Escape Route


The bunnies (mostly cottontails) hop in and out of our yard, taking shelter under our workshop or under the house via a tiny opening around the air conditioner compressor.  We’re pretty sure that a squirrel that has been around for many years also lives under the workshop.  We don’t see him as often, but I think he is getting older, and, like us, just stays home more now!

Over time, there were little openings in the fencing that afforded the bunnies the privilege of entering quickly from the path, but we had the fencing all spiffed up.  Thus new holes had to be made for their ingress and egress to safety for “here there be tigers” – or at least coyotes.

Bunnies are just so cute – they never fail to evoke a smile.  All they need do is just sit there and look adorable!  ;->


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5 Responses to Bunny Escape Route

  1. taphian says:

    We have so many bunnies here, too, a real plague, but they taste good:) Virtual hugs Mitza

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