Remember NEWTON?

Fall has come to the Southwest, and with it comes the urge to purge clothing, so I started rummaging through drawers of Apple tee shirts that I had put away some 25 years ago when I retired from the working world.

When we moved in 1998, many items were left behind at The Salvation Army and other charity establishments, including the tee shirts that had been worn.  But that left about half a dozen tee shirts, a couple of sweat shirts, polo shirts, canvas carry bags, a large canvas duffel bag embroidered with the beautiful rainbow apple of old, Swiss Army knives, a pair of compact Nikon binoculars, an REI waist pack, a rain shell pullover, a lined rain jacket with my name embroidered on it that I wore for many years, a lovely, soft red pullover sweater with a V-neck, and other miscellaneous goodies that I had acquired during my tenure there.

There are probably more items that I have squirreled away in boxes in our storage room, but some are still in use today. I won’t bore you with a complete run down of how these items are used today, but I am proud to say that even after all these years, the quality of the items has stood up.

But to mention a few . . . I keep the embroidered rain jacket in our motorhome for emergencies, along with the binoculars for spotting wildlife.  DH kept one of the Swiss Army knives in his bicycle kit, and another in the motorhome.  Now that he no longer is able to ride his bicycle, that knife is kept on his workbench, ready for action.

So – all that to say that it was really fun to put on the Newton shirt yesterday.  As I was looking at it in the mirror, many thoughts flooded my memory of those days in Cupertino, but then I wondered if I took a picture of the shirt in the mirror, could the writing be read normally, or would it still appear reversed?


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3 Responses to Remember NEWTON?

  1. Craig Sheumaker says:

    I certainly do remember the Newton…well ahead of its time. As I recall, Bill Atkinson was involved with it in some way. Did he do software development for it?

    Craig Sheumaker


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  2. taphian says:

    a very nice t-shirt, Judie. Virtual hugs Mitza

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