Bingo Rolls

NOLA boy LOVES cheeseburgers, so I am always trying to find interesting combinations of grains to add to the sandwich buns I make for this purpose.

One of the things I have been using for a while is big instant potato flakes.  I can’t really tell what these flakes bring to the party, but I’ve been having really good luck with them in the bread.

But when I make the bread into sandwich buns, they are too fluffy to be useful unless they are toasted.  So I’ve been experimenting with different add-in ingredients.

A recipe on a favorite blog a few weeks ago, prodded me to use oats for a chewier roll.  I didn’t have any oatmeal, so I used our rolled five-grain breakfast cereal in place of oats.  I used too much, and the rolls were certainly good for standing up to a burger, but they were denser than I really wanted.

So I’ve been experimenting.  Yesterday’s output was “just right”!  The add ins were a quarter cup each of bulgur and cornmeal, plus a half cup of the usual potato flakes.

I put the bulgur in with the fluid so it would have a better chance to absorb some of the water, and not be “cracked wheat”.  I put the cornmeal and potato flakes in with the flour at the beginning, too.  Everything seems to have worked out just fine.

At baking time, I slathered some egg white on an even dozen perfectly raised buns.  Six of the rolls got the sesame seed topping, and the other six got the “Everything But The Bagel” topping that I get at Trader Joe’s.

The “bagel” topping has a fair amount of garlic bits in the mix, so I stick with the sesame variety.

There will be a roast chicken for dinner tonight, and these rolls are a favorite for chick-sal-sand!  ;->

So why do I call these treats Bingo Rolls?


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8 Responses to Bingo Rolls

  1. taphian says:

    looks really fantastic, Judie. Virtual hugs Mitza


  2. Glad to see your version! Looks great! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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