Santa Fe Fall Colors

Back in the dark ages of cameras, I had a super duper, twisty-turny Nikon 990 with a 3.3 MP sensor.  Actually I still have it, but the “film”-sized card doesn’t fit into anything current to read them, nor are they readily available to purchase.  But, Boy, did it take great pictures.  At least I thought so.  The way that the two halves of the camera twisted made it possible for me to take pictures without lying on the ground, or otherwise contorting myself.

In 2003/04, we spent from September to the end of January (not recommended to stay this far into winter – it got VERY cold) and were rewarded with the changing of the guard by the neighborhood leaves.

The road up to Hyde Park, the New Mexico State Park in the area, provided an outdoor studio for painters all the way up to the top of the mountain where the campground was.  Apparently it was an organized event because there were so many people in this area at the same time.

We were staying at a campground outside of town, so I do not remember anything about the campground at the summit, but the ride up there was certainly stunning.

A return trip is in our minds – it is a mere 500 miles away – but somehow such a distance is becoming more and more difficult to traverse.  It is on our Dream Shelf.  ;->


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4 Responses to Santa Fe Fall Colors

  1. taphian says:

    That’s really a beautiful landscape, Judie. Here it’s getting colder now, too, have to dress warm to go out for biking three times a day, but it makes me stay healthy. Virtual hugs Mitza

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  2. It is so gorgeous there! Nikon was always one of the best camera when I was younger. Now it’s just my IPhone and IPad …lol

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  3. Amazing picture! We just booked our trip to Santa Fe for New Year’s Eve weekend. Excited to explore Santa Fe. Thanks for sharing!

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