Sandwich Buns with Quinoa

I know; they look just like the last ones.  I had two of my sesame seed buns left over from last time, so I made more with the garlicky topping this time.  One of us eats more cheeseburgers than the other!  ;->

My experimentation with making the buns very flavorful while not making them overly fluffy is beginning to pay off.  I have found that a full cup of five-grain rolled cereal is too much; a quarter cup of bulgur and a quarter cup of cornmeal is about right; but a quarter cup of quinoa and a quarter cup of cornmeal isn’t quite enough.  These buns were very tasty, but were no match for the cheeseburgers.  Perfect for other fillings, but not really robust enough for a hot meat patty.

I engender the “fluffy” by adding large flakes of instant potatoes (Bob’s Red Mill), butter, and an egg.  I’m convinced that these additional ingredients really do contribute to the overall ambience of the finished product, so not willing to leave them out for the sake of “stamina” on the part of the bun.

I have farro, wheatberries, and barley to try, but I think probably none of them would be appropriate because of their rather large kernal size.  I have some spelt flour lurking in the pantry, so maybe that will be the next experiment, along with a smaller amount of five-grain rolled cereal.

There are still seven buns left from the above batch, so it will be a while before the next experiment.  I think I see a batch of chick-sal-sand and a day photo trip in our future.  I already have the potato salad prepared to go with it, blueberry pancakes are cooking on the stove, and the sun is shining!  Onward!  ;->


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6 Responses to Sandwich Buns with Quinoa

  1. Tasty and nutritious – can’t ask for more! 🙂

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  2. taphian says:

    a really good idea and they look wonderful, Judie, virtual hugs Mitza

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  3. skd says:

    Beautiful looking buns and so healthy. Thanks for sharing Judi.

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  4. Wow these look absolutely delicious!!!


  5. Wow, these look amazing! I saw your Bingo Rolls also and love the ingredients you’re working with.


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