Angel or Eagle?

Do you see an angel, an eagle, or maybe a dove?

Christmastime at Trader Joe’s is mind boggling.  Tomorrow I will show you the three Christmas treats we acquired from there yesterday.

But first . . .

Even though Tucson is pretty crowded around this time of year, we got through the medical appointment in pretty good order, so we had a couple of hours of energy left to peruse the offerings of Trader Joe’s.  What a wonderment of Christmas temptations and other goodies!

The above picture is the usual after-dinner treat consumed by NOLA Boy.  That dish holds half a cup, so it isn’t as much volume as it appears.  I had made some chocolate pudding, and that is in the bottom of the dish, and then there is a tiny scoop of Talenti Double Dark Chocolate gelato, a few honey roasted peanuts, and the Talenti Mediterranean Pistachio gelato on top.  The star of the show (ahem) is, of course, a chocolate-covered, sprinkle-dotted, crispy shortbread cookie that we acquired a box of yesterday.

But when we looked at the way that the pistachio gelato had fallen in the dish, it reminded us of the shape of . . . well, of something . . . an angel?  A dove?  Maybe an eagle?

So out came my little iPhone SE that I am using for most food photos these days, and there you have it!  What does it look like to you?



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12 Responses to Angel or Eagle?

  1. Dove. I have a photo somewhere of when a dove flew into a window and left a ghost mark on the glass like that with its wings outspread.

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  2. taphian says:

    It looks like an eagle who is seasick:) virtual hugs Mitza

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  3. becomebetty says:

    I totally can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

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  4. Craig Sheumaker says:


    Craig Sheumaker


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  5. judilyn says:

    Quite possibly! ;->


  6. All I see is delicious!!!!!

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