Golden Rainbow

All the way home from a reconnoiter, this rainbow teased me by showing itself in one perfect place after another.  But from a moving vehicle  .  .  .  well, the opportunities are sparse to capture it in just the right spot.

So I finally just started snapping out the windshield with my cell phone.  This is what I got.

A few miles/minutes down the road, the entire rainbow came into view for just a few seconds, but I just wasn’t quick enough to capture it.

Totally cloudy days can sometimes provide something pleasing, even when you think that a nice opportunity is unlikely.


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9 Responses to Golden Rainbow

  1. K says:

    Outstanding! That you have the golden grass combined with a golden rainbow. . .is the grass feeding the rainbow. . .or is he rainbow spilling the grass! WAY COOL!

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  2. For years I have been trying to capture sundogs on camera. I’ve seen some good ones while out and about but many times by the time there is an opportunity to pull off the road the situation has changed. I once witnessed a fabulous hole punch cloud while driving on a busy road in the city, but when I was finally able to stop the event was over.

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  3. taphian says:

    how beautiful it was, Judie. Thanks for sharing, virtual hugs Mitza

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  4. skd says:

    Beautiful picture Judie! Golden rainbow golden fields and arent they hills in the background.. Golden again. Lovely👌

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