Les Restes du Jour (The Remains of the Day)

There were no leftover blueberry pancakes for NOLA Boy’s pre-breakfast snack this morning, so I quickly made up some fresh French Toast – Pain Perdu.  I guess the name of the dish and “fresh” are rather at odds with one another.  But, nevertheless, it was delicious.

There are even a few pieces leftover for him for the next three days, but I’ll need to refill that cute little maple syrup bottle.

I usually just “fry” French toast in a hot, dry pan, but this morning, I added a film of some freshly-produced ghee that I had allowed to brown a bit before decanting.

All I can say is . . . that’s how I will ALWAYS do it from here on out!  The flavor of the ghee is so magnificently rich, that it was worth the extra half hour or so of keeping an eye on it while it was browning.

If you haven’t experienced ghee, buy a jar of it and enjoy.  And then easily make your own for about a fourth of the cost.  It is so totally worth the very slight effort to enjoy this wonderful treat.

And so easy to do – just put it on a back burner while you are fixing dinner, and you’re home free – so long as you look at it every five minutes or so.  When it is a light nutty brown color, you are finished.

Take it off the burner, or just turn the burner off, and when it has cooled a bit, pour it into your desired container and refrigerate.  It will last several months . . . in theory!


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2 Responses to Les Restes du Jour (The Remains of the Day)

  1. taphian says:

    looks very tasty, Judie, virtual hugs Mitza

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