Mountains and Trees

How fortunate we are to have this pleasant scenery just fifteen or so minutes from our house.  It makes it possible to gather up our camera equipment and dash out just to do some experimenting with our toys.

I have a new Panasonic camera, and DH is just becoming accustomed to using his super duper Canon fullframe dSLR. However, the picture above was taken with my iPhone SE, which also does a fabulous job.

It was a lovely hour and a half spent on Christmas Eve Day when there was almost no one else there.  Brown Canyon Ranch isn’t usually crowded, but there were only a few visitors this day.

It was fun to listen to tourists talk . . . “Well, we surely wouldn’t have been doing this today in Michigan!”.

Indeed not!  ;->




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5 Responses to Mountains and Trees

  1. Beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. taphian says:

    looks like a wonderful place, Judie, all the best for 2019, virtual ugs Mitza

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    Oh, I remember scenery like that in the other end of Arizona. We did not have much time to look at it, and I never identified the native species of juniper, but it sure was fascinating. Those look like they could be pinyon pine. I would not know them if I saw them. However, it was odd to see a few familiar specie there too (to the far North).

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  4. RV John says:

    That looks like a beautiful place! Nice capture with the iPhone!

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