Eggs a la Fox Point

There is an RV friend (waving to Diane – ;-> ) who provides a photo on Facebook of her “Daily Egg”.  It is fun to see her various iterations, which usually involve appealing perfect avocado slices.  The world conspired this morning for me to make myself an egg breakfast, so here is my version of “Diane’s Daily Egg”, sans avocado.

The green stuff on the steamed-fried eggs is an herb mixture from Penzey’s called Fox Point, and it was absolutely stunning.  It consists of:

Salt, freeze-dried shallots, chives, garlic, onion, and green peppercorns.

No additional seasoning was at all necessary, and I was pleasantly surprised how absolutely perfect the combination is.

The accompanying blob of leftovers is a smattering of chili in some leftover rice, chopped chili peppers, and a few diced tomato pieces.

It was just the right accompaniment for a quicky breakfast.  It disappeared unbelievably swiftly!


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8 Responses to Eggs a la Fox Point

  1. Interesting combination indeed! I wonder why it’s called Fox point?


  2. judilyn says:

    I’m glad you asked, because it led me to this interesting piece . . .

    I’ve got my annual Brie wheel now, so will be trying it out as she suggests, only with Triscuits.


  3. Martha says:

    Now that looks absolutely delicious. I’m so lazy I usually just scramble the eggs, but I sure admire the beautifully cooked eggs in your photo!

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    • judilyn says:

      Thanks, Martha. Welcome back!

      These are really just as easy as scrambled. Just put a tablespoon of water in the pan after the eggs have begun to cook, pop on a cover, and let the steam do the rest. No flipping needed!


  4. taphian says:

    It looks really good, Judie, virtual hugs Mitza

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  5. You can never go wrong with eggs, in my opinion! 🙂 Looks delicious.

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