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Cranberry Cornbread

We always have plenty of dried cranberries on hand, so today I whipped up a new taste treat to go with the Cream of Potato/Onion/Mushroom/Cabbage/Pepper Soup for our lunch. This cornbread was just perfect.  I used all purpose flour and … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang Pudding

Not exactly; but close enough.  ;-> We are on a tapioca kick lately.  There is just no end to the flavor variations that can be produced.  And, of course, there are infinite pairings.  Above you see a blob of our … Continue reading

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Sonoita Winery Door

Someone posted on Facebook that they had visited overnight at a local winery, which reminded me of the many hours we have spent photographing out there.  This door is especially enticing as a subject. There are usually one or two … Continue reading

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