Cranberry Cornbread

We always have plenty of dried cranberries on hand, so today I whipped up a new taste treat to go with the Cream of Potato/Onion/Mushroom/Cabbage/Pepper Soup for our lunch.

This cornbread was just perfect.  I used all purpose flour and cornmeal as usual, but substituted  in 1/4 cup of masa harina for an equal amount of the cornmeal.

I have been using masa harina in our blueberry pancakes for a few months now, so I am branching out with my experiments with it.  It makes the pancakes a bit heartier, and with a bit of a corn taste.

Also, this morning for our usual Sunday Brunch feast, I used 25% masa harina in the polenta, along with the regular grind of corn that is called “polenta”.

This came out great!  I got the idea from having eaten lunch with an RV friend last week at a local restaurant called The Outside Inn.  Their Catch of the Day was Mahi Mahi on a bed of polenta.  Even though we have polenta a couple of times a week, I am always glad to try someone else’s version of it.

And I wasn’t disappointed this time.  The polenta base for the grilled Mahi Mahi was MUCH softer than that which I make to go with our poached eggs.  I liked it a lot, so tried to emulate it this morning.  It worked out fine – something new – YAY!


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11 Responses to Cranberry Cornbread

  1. Clanmother says:

    I wish I lived next door to you!

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  2. Love corn bread and cranberries, so would love this one!

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  3. tinycamper says:

    I had forgotten how gorgeous your food photography is! I am drooling! It sounds so delicious!

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  4. RV John says:

    Looks and sounds so tasty as always 🙂

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