Chocolate Milk Worth Drinking

There are no sponsored posts here, mostly because I don’t use a lot of commercial products.  But I was intrigued by the glass bottles provided by a local supplier, Danzeisen Dairy.

Safeway was out of the Shamrock half and half that DH prefers, so I splurged on a pint-sized bottle of half and half by Danzeisen to tide him over.  He said it was quite nice, and put in a request for that to be the permanent product!  Done!!!

With that in mind, I thought maybe I would try their regular milk to make our yogurt.  It is about three to four times the cost of the store brand milk, and twice that of Shamrock, but still way less expensive than commercial yogurt, which, after all is said and done, is simply milk!

To that end, I was happily surprised to see that their chocolate milk was on sale, so I scooped up half a gallon to do some experimenting.  I had thought to make our fave tapioca pudding directly with the chocolate milk instead of adding cocoa to the regular recipe.  I also added a big scoop of instant coffee granules, and this pudding was so rich!

I am happy to report that this was a fabulous find!  I didn’t put any sugar at all into the pudding (I usually use only 25% of the called-for amount) and it was perfect!

As for my own coffee addition, I usually put regular whole milk in my coffee, but this week I have been using the chocolate milk, and must admit that it makes the coffee a deliciously different and very smooth “mocha” beverage.  Since I don’t ordinarily use sugar in my coffee, it is a bit sweeter than I would choose, but am willing to overlook that small factor in favor of the delicious beverage that now fills my mug!

Interestingly there is a $2.00 deposit charge on any bottle, no matter the size.  I haven’t tried to reclaim this amount yet, so it should be interesting to see how that works out.

All in all, I can heartily recommend this brand, or probably any local brand near you that is proffered in glass, as a small way to help with decreasing the amount of plastic used in hauling milk home from the grocery store, and then throwing that plastic into our landfills.  We are able to recycle those plastic milk containers here, but I know that isn’t the case everywhere.

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8 Responses to Chocolate Milk Worth Drinking

  1. Everything tastes better in glass too.

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  2. I also do my best to use local and bottled milk when available.

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  3. I love chocolate milk! This sounds so good!

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  4. Jan says:

    Sprouts has been carrying this for over 2 years and yes is really good, I also used to make my yogurt again very happy with the results. All the flavors are good but I usually cut with their (Locals) whole milk and not nearly as sweet. When you go to get more take bottles back and they charge you the deposit, but credit it back to you

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  5. tinycamper says:

    The instant coffee in the chocolate tapioca pudding sounds fantastic! I love mocha anything. Oddly enough, neither hubby nor I are milk drinkers, and we like our coffee black. But every once in a while I will order a cup of Mocha Java coffee, and it is heaven — even without milk or cream.

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  6. Jo Wishnie says:

    That is indeed a premium product. I wish I could buy it regularly as well but can’t afford to as I consume way too much milk and half and half for those rich prices. It is primo though right? Claiming the $2 deposit is no big deal. Just take the bottles with you to any store that sells the brand. Easy peasy. Enjoy.

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  7. Okay, I’m sold. I’m obsessed with chocolate milk and this one looks like it’s worth seeking out. 😀

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