Our Cherished Friend, the Bee

    Taken with an ancient iPhone 6+ (8MP).

He and I played peekaboo for quite a while the other day.  He would come up from the depths to take this view of “the creature who watches me”, and then scurry back down into the depths to gather his nectar and cover his fuzzy little body with pollen.

At some point, his body became loaded with pollen and he took off for home, tipping his wing to me as he left!  ;->

It was a beautiful blue sky morning, and it was lovely to see nature at work.  We cherish our bees and hope they will somehow recover from the blight that is affecting them.  We need every one of these darlings.


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9 Responses to Our Cherished Friend, the Bee

  1. We have those yellow blossoms now too on the cactus out by the road. It is actually on the neighbor’s property but he doesn’t seem to know it. He stops mowing just short of it, so I feel free to help myself to the fruit.

    So my phone is ancient, is it? I kind of knew it.

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  2. snordenberg@aol.com says:

    I love this picture !  And agree we need to save the bees.    Hope everything is well with you and Gary . 

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  3. Dale says:

    Beautifully said Judie, and so sad about the plight of our bees. Recent scientific tests of honey from various bee keepers, both organic and not, have found high levels of glyphosate, the ingredient in herbicide Roundup, plus various pesticides. The conclusion is these chemicals used in today’s farming is the culprit decimating the bee populations. There is no way a bee will limit there range to crops not sprayed with chemicals, nor can organic farmers be assured that spray on an adjacent farm won’t drift with the wind onto their crops. A few countries have banned chemical use, but I doubt that will happen here. The support for use is too strong in industry and our government agencies to expect change.

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  4. judilyn says:

    Unless and until we can clean up our government, disasters in many facets of our lives are pending.

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    • Dale Ellis says:

      More people are coming forward all of the time, but we need better ways to educate the majority to achieve that goal. Newspapers, TV, radio and other media depend on income from advertisers and drama the public wants. They do not want to lose their big corporate advertisers that support the status quo. I do hope we will prevail before it’s too late!

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  5. RV John says:

    I like watching the bees they are such hard workers.

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  6. tonytomeo says:

    Prickly pear seem to only bloom when the weather is warm enough for bees to be very active. I suppose they waste no resources.

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  7. tinycamper says:

    I cherish our bees, too. Except for the carpenter bees that are making Swiss cheese out of our decks. I did find plans for a carpenter bee trap on YouTube that uses only (non-poisonous) wood and a mason jar.

    Our beekeeper neighbor says that his bee population is declining, too. So sad.

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