One Down; One to Go

This was taken right after we got home, and while he was eating a mushroom, onion, cheese omelette with many toppings – photo upcoming.  It wasn’t long until the anesthetic wore off, and he was in misery with a horrific headache until three the next morning.

We’re just home from the 24-hour follow-up visit, and, indeed, there had been a huge jump in pressure in that eye.  I don’t know the scale, but at the follow-up visit, it was still 30, even after the pain had subsided after 18 hours, which is apparently quite high, even this morning.

Some glaucoma eyedrops, and the instructions to do it again at nine tonight, and every twelve hours going forward, promised an end to that pressure and pain.

Appointment for the right eye will be in a few weeks, so we get to start all over, but this time with a bit more knowledge.



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4 Responses to One Down; One to Go

  1. Linda Oliaro says:

    Judi – We wish you both good health and a happy summer… Linda and Gary O

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  2. Kit says:

    Aye! ‘Tis the Great Captain G-Man himself! I see that he has that usual swashbuckling expression exuding equal confidence whether sailing the seven seas, boarding captured vessels, or just just drawing up his latest treasure map!


  3. How awful but for a good cause! Thanks goodness one is over!

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  4. Liz says:

    I wish Gary well. I hope you have a great summer and all goes well with the next appointment for the right eye. Bon Courage my friend! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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