Olive Omelette

On the inside were mushrooms, onions, and extra sharp Cheddar cheese.  It was a good thing that I had my iPhone at the ready, because this baby disappeared right before my very eyes.

The one-week report on the cataract surgery is that he has 20/20 vision in his left eye.  The right eye is scheduled for mid-August, and he is very much looking forward to it.

For those of you who have not had cataract surgery, I will pass along a small tidbit that surprised us.  The fixed eye is now dominant, and the damaged cornea over the other eye has little effect on the quality of sight.  It’s as if there is no other eye.  Apparently the brain takes over to make it possible to function perfectly well in this manner.

And, just as everyone had shared, the operation itself was almost a non-event.  He vaguely remembers a few sketchy events, but even though he was awake, any details of the 15-minute procedure were gone upon completion of the event.

Funny story . . . Trying out his new eye for the first time with his camera, DH was horrified to find that there was something terribly wrong with either his camera itself, or the viewfinder.  I looked through it, and it looked fine to me.  You guessed it – he had looked through it with the unfixed eye out of habit!


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3 Responses to Olive Omelette

  1. jim woodard says:

    As a photographer and some one who had cataract surgery a year ago ,who wore glasses his whole life- heres something I learned. They asked me …near or far vision? I’d always been able to see clearly anything less than a foot away so I said far. I no longer need glasses for anything beyond about 7 feet (20/20) but cant see anything in real focus unless its about 4 inches tall inside that distance! No problem if I was still shooting my old film cameras, I can do that by touch direction and sound but not so with digital cameras, at least for me! So I have to have readers available at all times, not bifocals – my eyes just cant adjust to them! Best of luck with the other eye!

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  2. This looks delicious! I love that you have all that goodness inside and outside of the omelet. I also love the way you topped it off. It not only looks pretty but a nice taste with each bite!

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