Breakfast al Fresco

We have been having an extraordinarily lovely summer, thus have spent some mealtimes on the deck.  Most notably – the famous “Pre-breakfast Breakfast” feast!

Not sure why the pancakes look so dark; weren’t that way in real life.  The cooked five-grain cereal, yogurt, fruit, nuts, granola, and seeds came later.

It’s a wonderful life!  ;->


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7 Responses to Breakfast al Fresco

  1. My kind of meal. How in the world does he stay so thin if this is the pre breakfast? Please tell me his secret…lol

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  2. judilyn says:

    Thanks, Diane. ;-> Luckily, he loves to eat, even though his taste buds are dulled considerably. He had a squamous cell carcinoma taken off his tongue almost two years ago, and that surgery somehow seems to have dulled his taste buds somewhat. But that has not slowed down his lust for food!

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