Pizza in the Oven

So here’s where it got messed up.  All was well inside the oven, except it didn’t seem to be browning the cheese as I had in my mind’s eye. So . . .

Don’t try this !!!!

I turned on the “Broil” unit and set the timer for three minutes, and stood two inches away from the oven.

You guessed it . . . the top crust got “broiled” fur sure!  I’m talking major charcoal, whilst the bottom crust was, as mentioned, exceedingly soggy.  This all happened right before my very eyes, which clearly, were looking the other way.  It didn’t seem possible that this would happen so quickly, but . . . lesson learned.

But all was not lost.  The toppings were fine, and the bottom crust was edible, if a bit soggy.  There was the usual half left, so I just put it into a container and tried to put it out of my mind for a while.

I’m happy to report that two days later, it was perfectly reasonable to pre-heat a good non-stick frying pan, and plop the pieces of pizza into it, and turn the fire WAY DOWN, and then OFF after about three minutes.

I let the residual heat permeate through the crust and toppings, et voilá, it was once again quite edible.  In fact, I’m looking forward to eating the last sliver of it for my lunch today.


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6 Responses to Pizza in the Oven

  1. Broiling is indeed a risky thing!

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  2. Sheryl says:

    Broiling things that burn easily is so risky. It seems like nothing is happening one moment, and the next the food is totally charred.

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  3. I would have done the same thing! What a shame but it happens to all of us!

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