Black Beans Deluxe

NOLA Boy loves beans of any color, so I rotate them, but try to keep a supply on hand at all times.

The InstantPot has made beans so very easy, it is nearly criminal not to enjoy them to the max.  No pre-soaking routine and then remembering them the next day.  Just put ’em into the pot with an appropriate amount of water, and push the BEAN button.  Find something else to do for about 90 minutes (or longer – they will stay beautifully warm), and then serve them forth.

A pound of beans costs about a dollar if you buy them in five-pound lots; a bit more if you have pound-sized bags, but the amount produced is unbelievable.  I keep half in the refrigerator and freeze the other half.

I usually buy a pound package of Italian sausages and cook them up all at once, using some for our dinner that night, and then freezing the rest of them.  They freeze well, and are amenable to a few minutes of gentle microwaving to bring them to a useful temperature.  They complement just about any of the bean varieties and really make them more appealing.

If you want to feel really good about serving beans frequently, just browse about on the net for the copious healthy reasons to eat beans as often as possible.

And, yes, the last of the cranberry beans will team up with some ground meat to make chili con carne tonight.  Spinach, rice, and cornbread are also on the menu.  Four hours and counting!


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5 Responses to Black Beans Deluxe

  1. I must admit I’m not consuming beans on a daily level, but love them every now and then, especially when the weather gets cooler. This combination looks so tasty. Love the egg on top! Will keep it in mind for my “bean days”! 🙂

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  2. judilyn says:

    That’s sour cream, but an egg DOES indeed sound good. ;->


  3. What an easy way to fix the beans! I need to try the Instant Pot again. I made 2 recipes and wasn’t crazy about either one so I put it in the basement.

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  4. judilyn says:

    Oh, do try it, Diane! So easy, and the reward is great. With almost any kind of beans, toss in a bay leaf or two, if you have them, and some poultry seasoning, salt and lemon pepper. I think some garlic would be good at this point, but I seldom use garlic. If you have fresh garlic, use that. It will disappear in the cooking.

    With the Instant Pot, easy and simple are the best “recipes”. You can take the beans and use them in something more appealing and original. Be ye not afraid! Give it a whirl!!!


  5. Sheryl says:

    This looks yummy.

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