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Bowl o’ Rolls

Monday night I made some calzone using a new-to-me bread recipe.  The bread was great, but I made a rookie’s mistake and forgot to grease the pan.  I just put down some cornmeal on the insulated air bake pan.  They … Continue reading

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Shaved Parmesan and Fontina

“If you’ve ever seen how sweetly the town of San Gimignano sits atop its surroundings, you’ll know how perfectly this fine Parmesan and Fontina mix will grace the simplest dish.” So sayeth Sartori (est. 1939) on the front of their … Continue reading


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One Bite Today Toast

Yes, there is a story behind that title!  ;-> About twenty years ago, when my mother-in-law was in her final days, and fighting dementia, her understanding of the relationship between time and food was “peculiar”. Left to her own devices, … Continue reading

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Yardley Bar Soap

Awhile ago, I embarked on a love affair with avocado oil, so of course the offer of this enticing bar soap for under a dollar was just too good to pass up.  I’m glad I heeded the siren. Depending on … Continue reading

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