Yardley Bar Soap

Awhile ago, I embarked on a love affair with avocado oil, so of course the offer of this enticing bar soap for under a dollar was just too good to pass up.  I’m glad I heeded the siren.

Depending on one’s age, the “go to” hand and face cleanser had always been a bar of soap gunking up those little built-in ridges in the sink top.  Then came soap dishes that allowed the moisture to dry out.  Then the revolution of liquid soap dispensed from a tube stuck down in a bottle.  Then foam came out ready made – no need to exhaust oneself by rubbing together one’s hands.  ;->

Bar soap required some clean up on a regular basis, whether it was kept on the side of the sink, or in a container.  Pump soap was convenient, but seemed to spew a bit of its contents onto the counter for no visible purpose.  When traveling with a pump system . . . well, up and down elevations caused no end of grief with messy “spillages”.

So . . . let’s try Method Foam in a lovely, fresh, light fragrance (I usually prefer unscented) called Sea Minerals.  Ding, Ding . . . we have a winner.  We went through a bottle each and liked it, so I purchased a refill bag.  Nice not to need to toss out the original bottle.

But then, Yardley resurged right before my very eyes, and I am now happily using their bar with its extremely light fragrance and creamy suds.  Strangely enough, I am finding that the suds produced by friction are creamier and more luxurious than those that I was formerly using.  It is somehow satisfying to slip/slop the suds around on one’s hands for just a bit longer.  The chemicals in skin products tend to disagree with my own outer covering, but I luxuriate in these bubbles.

I didn’t have a soap drainer, so compromised the elegant look with a saved shallow plastic bin that had once held whipped cream cheese spread.  Trés élegant, no?

So I was thinking about how many people alive today did not have the usual experience of bar soap growing up?  Had it always been pump soap?  I can’t recall when the pump became so ubiquitous, but it seems like a long time ago.

Since everything old becomes NEW again, I am waiting for the advertising to come out touting the benefits of “solid liquid” soap as the latest thing in cleansing!  ;->


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8 Responses to Yardley Bar Soap

  1. You’re not far off about the new trend. Every farmers market I’ve visited lately has at least one booth of homemade organic etc bar soaps, with all kinds of virgin oils and what not! 🙂

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  2. judilyn says:

    That’s me! Always one step head of myself!

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  3. Chris says:

    Bar soap in the shower; pump soap at the kitchen sink.


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    • judilyn says:

      Even the kitchen pump gets clogged up and squirts into unexpected places upon use. I’ve learned to “put a fork in it” every couple of days to clear out the passageway to avoid that burning eye feeling.


  4. Clanmother says:

    I have always had a love for Yardley. I remember the Christmas packaging of the 1970’s and early 80’s. They have a marvelous website! https://yardleylondon.com/about-yardley/


  5. Oh how I wish I didn’t know what you are talking about…lol The good ole days.

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